The Team

-Whose Middle Name is "Disrupt"

René Disrupt Lauritsen

Founder & CEO

Educated economic and  business administrator, IT-administrator and have studied social psychology and creative thinking. I have over 15 years of experience as an independent Business Consultant and has spent this time focusing on helping early and mid-stage companies meet their objectives having been involved with numerous types of business start-up.


My expertises are in the development and implementation of business and market plans being deeply involved with developing growth strategies, execution plans, product development, business development and finding strategic alliances. In addition, I have a good working knowledge of public markets and the obligations and expectations of companies listed on the public markets. I was been responsible for listing companies on OTCmarkets as well as overseeing legal filings for listed companies. 

I consider myself curious and an innovator, motivated to find new solutions to intellectually challenging problems. I am  quick to see inefficiency and conceptualize new solutions and enjoy developing long-range plans to accomplish my visions.
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Mission statement:

“My goal is to develop the worlds most widely used communication app that eventually becomes the only one to use!”


Artur Disrupt Bielski


Working for years as business consultant, I am an analytical problem-solver, eager to improve systems and processes with innovative ideas. I have a talent for seeing possibilities for improvement, and have great enthusiasm for new ideas, people and activities.


Mission statement:

“I wanna make Webware Corp a lean, mean, business machine.”

Katsiaryna Disrupt Amialiusik
Chief Technical Officer
For the last decades I had worked as a senior technical leader in a medium company.

I have been focusing on PHP, Nodejs, Python, ASP.NET based web application development(Backend and FrontEnd) and automation script work.

And I have rich experience with Mobile Native and Hybrid App development for 10 years.


Mission statement:

“To create the best communication app the world has ever seen with ezTALK”

Caroline Disrupt Krouwel
Chief Marketing Officer

Have worked at an Influencer Marketing Agency for the last 8 years. I’m specialized in online marketing, social media, influencer marketing and branding. I’ve worked on digital campaigns and content productions for clients like: Havaianas, Diesel and Samsung. 

I’m good at project management, develop an online strategy and trend consultancy.

My strengths are great communication skills, positive-minded, creative and social.


Mission statement:

“I want the entire world to know and use ezTALK, the best app of all times.”